Android 11 DP4. Unexpected!

As our world is clinging to every strand of Hope in these disastrous times, a lot of things are going as unplanned and even the Mighty Google can’t escape it. As of Today, Google has released DP4, a.k.a, Developer Preview 4 for Android 11. This is an unplanned and unannounced release by Google. Google PreviouslyContinue reading “Android 11 DP4. Unexpected!”

iPhone SE. SE = Special Edition

Apple announced its new Budget iPhone in the middle of April for US $400. This is the exact price for which they released the iPhone SE a few years back. And this SE follows the same footsteps. The new 2020 iPhone SE is comprised of a new Camera system along with the Performance of iPhoneContinue reading “iPhone SE. SE = Special Edition”

Android 11 DP3. Finally!

Among the situation that our World is going through, it is such a drag to say that I’m mad at Google for delaying the launch of Developer Preview 3 a.k.a DP3 of Android 11, but I think “Better Late than Never”. As Google works like clockworks, Android 11 Developer Preview 3, a.k.a, DP3 was expectedContinue reading “Android 11 DP3. Finally!”

Windows 10 20H1 Update

Windows usually releases 2 Major updates to Windows 10 on an Annual basis. These updates are released in March and September via the Annual Channel. However, due to the current condition our world is barely holding up, it seems Microsoft’s Bi-Annual Update has been delayed. But, it’s finally here. The new Windows 10 is calledContinue reading “Windows 10 20H1 Update”

Android 11 Developer Preview 2

It’s been a very very difficult 3 months for many around the world, definitely the worst way to start a new Decade. Everyone is learning how to adapt to these extraordinarily terrifying times. Let’s move forward with the hope that all your families will be OK. About a month after releasing the first Developer Preview(DP)Continue reading “Android 11 Developer Preview 2”

Galaxy Unpacked

Feb 11, 2020. Samsung released Galaxy Z Fold($1380),Galaxy Buds Plus($149), S20($999), S20+($1199), S20 Ultra($1399). For the Star attraction and new additions of the Galaxy S line-up,Bigger Battery, Better Screen, More Cameras. What more do you want? For Now!!! Let’s talk about the Galaxy S20 and S20+ first. The big brother can wait for now. GalaxyContinue reading “Galaxy Unpacked”

15 Anniversary for Google Maps

One of the most important services in the world which we can’t live without has turned 15 years of age. Google launched Google Maps 15 years ago on this day. And has decided to celebrate the occasion with a new update which brings a new stylish and sexier Logo change and some welcome UI changesContinue reading “15 Anniversary for Google Maps”

Feb 2020 Android Security Update

Google has been true to it’s tradition of releasing the monthly Security Update on the First Monday of the Month, Google released the Update on Feb the 3. All the Pixel phone from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4 including Pixel 3a are Supported by this Update, and their XL varients, of course. Pixel and PixelContinue reading “Feb 2020 Android Security Update”

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