Android 11 Developer Preview 2

It’s been a very very difficult 3 months for many around the world, definitely the worst way to start a new Decade. Everyone is learning how to adapt to these extraordinarily terrifying times. Let’s move forward with the hope that all your families will be OK.

About a month after releasing the first Developer Preview(DP) of Android 11 which was on Feb 19, Google releases the next iteration in the development of Android 11, The DP2, i.e., Developer Preview 2.

The DP1 was.. well, to put it in a phrase, a Disastrous Bug Fest. But, nothing more was expected from DP1 of any Android version. Despite it having many bugs and crashing on just simply opening a video file stored on device in any media player like MX Player or VLC Player, DP1 actually gave a glimpse of what Google has planned for this Summer. If you missed out on the Android 11 DP1, Please do check that out.

The next Milestone release of Android 11, the DP2 was released on March 18 2020. There’s a lot of new things in DP2. And YES, still a Big Bug Fest.

Disclaimer: Any of the Developer Previews, as the name suggests, are not for the Daily or Consumer Use. For that reason, Google is making it available by Manual Download and Flash only for all Pixels except Pixel and Pixel XL. For people who have already installed DP1 and/or DP1.1, DP2 is available as an OTA(Over the Air) Update.

New Things included in DP2 include:

  • 5G Support:- Android now natively supports 5G capable mobile devices due to the newly added 5G State API.
  • Foldables support:- Android now supports Hinge angles for Foldables out of the box due to the latest support for Hinge Angle Sensor, which allows apps to determine the hinge positioning to better adapt experiences while using foldables.
  • Call Screening Improvements:- Google Assistant’s Call Screening has received a new APIs to significantly improve the service.
  • Foreground Service Type:- Android 10 introduced foregroundServiceType attribute as a way to improve the privacy. In Android 10, it was only limited to Location Services. Android 11 DP2 extends it to Camera and Microphone Access Permissions. “Allowed all the Time”, “Allowed only while in Use” and “Denied” are the three sections apps can be grouped into.
  • Scoped Storage:- Good Folks at XDA Developers observed code for Scoped Storage last year and now, Google finally adds it to the system and plans to replace the Legacy Model to the New Scoped Storage Model.
Microphone Permissions
Camera Permissions

Along with the above all, Google has included “Variable Refresh Rates” for Pixel 4 and 4XL. Also, Google has included “Resume on Reboot” to the environment and we will have to wait and see how it pans out. Also, Google has disabled Conversation Bubbles out of the box, but it can be enabled in Developer Options. The native inbuilt screen recorder has seen a new good looking card which makes it easier and better for screen recording.

Google has been hard at work for some years now to make updates faster and smoother by prioritizing app compatibility as they roll out new platform versions. In Android 11 they have added new processes, tools, and release milestones to minimize the impact of platform updates and make them easier for developers.

Notification Panel has received a major upgrade. We saw a new “Silent Notifications” section in Android 10, and we now receive 2 new sections namely, “Conversations” and “Alerting Notifications”; both, as their names suggest, have been thoroughly thought out and well executed. And, on long pressing a particular conversation, we can set it as important by clicking the option on the right of the snooze bell. And there are many more under the hood improvements and refining to the OS in this update.

Default Conversation
Important Conversations

As this is DP2 and Google planned for 3 Developer Previews, we are one month closer to Beta 1 which will be released in May 2020 and Stable Update comes in Q3 2020.

Android 11 Timeline

Waiting for a Cure for the Pandemic, Fingers Crossed….

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