Android 11 DP3. Finally!

Among the situation that our World is going through, it is such a drag to say that I’m mad at Google for delaying the launch of Developer Preview 3 a.k.a DP3 of Android 11, but I think “Better Late than Never”.

As Google works like clockworks, Android 11 Developer Preview 3, a.k.a, DP3 was expected to be released on April 18 or on April 19 as Developer Preview 1 was released on February 18 and Developer Preview 2 on March 19. But, it’s a common knowledge that Google has been shutdown lately due to COVID-19, just like every other company. And due to which, Google releases Android 11 DP3 on 23 April. But, since DP3 is finally here, it’s time to take a deep dive into the last Developer preview of Android 11.

The update came at 222MB for my Pixel 2. It has April Security Update and Google Play Security Update dated March 15. DP3 comes with a lot of fixes and new features to boast about.

The expanded “Volume” menu gets renamed to “Sound” – Google decided to rename the Volume pop-up menu as “Sound” and refined and polished the user experience a little bit. Now, we can choose if we want the song to play in Bluetooth or speaker without turning off the earphones at all. Sounds neat.

All notifications including the non removable permanent notifications can be removed – people have always been disturbed by those annoying notifications which don’t leave the notification bar no matter what we do. And then, we have to turn off the notification completely in order to remove the notification. Well, Google has figured out a way and it seems the idea has real potential. Take a look.

Bring apps back to Recents menu, a new “Undo” gesture – Sometimes we just close an app we wanted accidentally. Google has taken the first step to help reverse that fault and bring back the closed app from recents menu.

“Chat Using Bubbles”. Finally – In the Previous versions of the DP, Bubbles were really buggy and quite often, they didn’t work. But, DP3 changes it entirely. It seems Conversation Bubbles have been polished really good and is looking real good.

Wireless Debugging finally Works – Google included an option in Developer Settings to enable Wireless Debugging so as to convene the Debugging process with the help of Wi-Fi connection. In DP2 it was first seen but, was not working at all. DP3 has got it working and future looks good to me.

A refined Screenshot UI with toolbar – Months earlier, XDA members found code which suggested major overhaul of Screenshot UI and it seems its here. Google has made a refreshing change to the Screenshot UI and it seems well polished and thought out. Also, XDA members predicted the arrival of Long Screenshot which is not yet here, but I assume it will be arriving soon.

“Recents” Menu UI – Google shipped a redefined Recents UI with Android 9 Pie. It seems that redefined UI has run it’s course. It seems Google has moved on, looking for greener pastures and guess what, Google found it. The new recents UI looks like a refreshing change and I welcome it with both hands. I actually kinda like the new cleaner and bigger look.

Recents Old
Recents New

Independent Gesture Sensitivity adjustment for Both sides – The back gestures of pulling from sides which received major criticism from users who were accoustomed to accesing the Hamburger Menu has finally been served a solution. And its a good one. Google decided to let the users choose the sensitivity on both sides independently and it seems like Google Finally listened to the users and I Thank Google for this Surprise.

Since it is the last Developer Preview a.k.a, DP3, Google introduces a milestone called “Platform Stability” in DP3 to help developers plan their final testing and releases. This milestone means that Android 11 has reached final internal and external APIs, final app-facing behaviors, and final non-SDK graylists. Google expects Android 11 to reach Platform Stability at Beta 2 which is scheduled to be released in June 2020.

Although we are still a long long half a year a.k.a 6 months away from the Stable release of Android 11, I have got to say that Developer Preview 3 seems pretty stable to me. And I can’t wait to see how stable and polished Android 11 Beta 1 will look when it releases.

Stay Healthy, Stay Alive, Stay Safe and most importantly, Stay Inside.

Until next time, Fingers Crossed…

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