Android 11 DP4. Unexpected!

As our world is clinging to every strand of Hope in these disastrous times, a lot of things are going as unplanned and even the Mighty Google can’t escape it. As of Today, Google has released DP4, a.k.a, Developer Preview 4 for Android 11. This is an unplanned and unannounced release by Google. Google PreviouslyContinue reading “Android 11 DP4. Unexpected!”

Android 11 DP3. Finally!

Among the situation that our World is going through, it is such a drag to say that I’m mad at Google for delaying the launch of Developer Preview 3 a.k.a DP3 of Android 11, but I think “Better Late than Never”. As Google works like clockworks, Android 11 Developer Preview 3, a.k.a, DP3 was expectedContinue reading “Android 11 DP3. Finally!”

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